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- Basic product photos
- Styled food & product photos
- Reshoots of existing content

Recipe Development

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Custom recipe development
(sweet & savory)

- styled recipe & product photos
- short-form videos


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Short-form video content

- Instagram & Tiktok
- "How-to" Videos
- Recipe
- Stop Motion
- 9x16 cover photos

Restaurant Photography

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- On-site Photography
- Studio Photography
- Product Photography

Sponsored Contet

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- sponsored post on
- 5 images for use on any brand-owned channels
- sponsored social post on @thesimplesprinkle (photos and/or video)
- links and stories

Content Packages

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- package of imagery, videos & written content
- recipe development, if wished

Custom Content

Have something else in mind or want to mix and match different types of content?

Contact me and I'd be happy to put together a custom package to best achieve your goals